Top 11 Educational Pinners on Pinterest

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1- Create a classroom board
Go ahead and create a board for your classroom on Pinterest. You can use this board to share with students links and resources related to what you teach them. You can either reserve the right to admin it for yourself or get your students engaged in knowledge building through pinning.

2- Enhance Teamwork and Collaboration
You can encourage your students to create their own pins and probably check them from time to time to see how they are proceeding  Students working on the same project can use pinterest to bookmark the materials and links they need. This collective pinning can tremendously foster feelings of collaboration and teamwork among students.

3- Lesson Planning
Pinterest boards can be a great help for storing visual representations of your lesson planning. You can also pin images, videos, infographics..ect ahead of time and get them ready for future lesson plans.

4- Book Readings
You can create a specific pinterest board where to pin books and other reading recommendations for your students.

To learn more about how to use Pinterest in your classroom then we would direct you to This  Guide.

Hre are some top educational pinners to consider following.

1- Lisa Johnson
This is an instructional technology specialist. She has 18 boards about educational technology.

2- Suzy Brooks
This is a teacher who has created 40 boards sharing some awesome teaching ideas and materials.

3- Vicki Dabroka
Vicki has more than 60 boards covering everything you need about education and instructional technology.

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) advances excellence in learning and teaching through innovative and effective uses of technology.
5- Charity Preston
Preston has over 70 boards full of great resources and links for teachers

6- Teacher Vision
More than 60 boards filled with educational tools and pre-k-12 resources

7- Edutopia
Edutopia has 13 boards where you can find all kinds of educational resources from tech to art integration

8- Rachael Friedrich
She has over 100 boards covering everything from freebies to funnies

9- Vicki Davis
This is a great educator that you definitely need to follow she has some very interesting boards (41 boards )

10- Amanda Plum
This is a first grade teacher who has curated more than 50 boards full of interesting materials for teachers.

11- Erin Klein
With over 70 boards on her page. Erin has succeeded in assembling a great wealth of educational resources.