Teachers Manual on The Use of Google Docs in Education

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 To help you uncover some amazing tips and secrets about Google Docs, we assembled all the posts we have written so far and included them in the list below so you can have them handy when needs be. Make sure you bookmark this page for later reference.

1- Tips Every Teacher Should Know about Google Docs

2- Teacher's Guide to The Use of Google Docs in The iPad

3- A Great Way to Use Google Docs with your Students

4- A Simple Guide on The Use of Google Forms in The Classroom

5- 52 Secrets You should Know about Google Docs

6- Google Drive as an Alternative to Google Docs

To these six  resources we add some other great links you should consider as well :

Cybraryman 's Page;
This is a page that has some great articles on Google Docs. It is one of my favorite and trusted resources. Check it out.

Google Docs Binder

This is a binder that is curated by Sherry and that has several interesting articles about Google Docs.