Great Websites to Explore History

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1- Look Back Maps

This is a website that allows users to view historical pictures of various locations on Google Maps, search for specific locations and even add images.

2- Timelines

Timelines as its name indicates offers users the opportunity to discover history through timelines of connected events and happenings using notes, videos, quotes and many more

3- Time Index

This is a recording of the major historical events arranged into timelines. You can use key words to search for specific events or browse its categories for more results.

4- This Day in History

As its name suggests, this is a section where you will find important historical events that happened on this day. 

5- World Digital Library

This website lets you browse and discover important historical documents and metarials from all around the globe as well as view ancient maps, manuscripts , pictures and many more.

6- History Commons

The History Commons contains summaries of 20,126 events, which are published on the website in the format of dynamic timelines.

7- Timeline TV

This is a free to use video rich history resource. Just browse through the timelines already provided there and let your journey into the past starts.

8- Time Search

This is like a seasrch engine that lets you look for historical timelines. You can choose a specific period of time to search or if you want to be focused then use the Areas and Themes menus.

9- Docs Teach

This website provides thousands of historical documents from the National Archive. You can either read the documents online or print them and save them with you.

10- Film Story

I have already reviewed this website before. It basically lets users view information about films centered on significant historical events. You can browse films by country of production.

11- What Happened in my Birthday

This is a a cool tool to discover all the major historical events that happened the day you came to this planet. Just enter your birth year and you will be shown a list of events in such a fun way . I love it.

12- This Day

This Day is similar to This Day in History above. They both provide you with a chain of the major historical events that happened in this day.