6 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers

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1- Bee Clip

This is an amzing tool to create digital scrapbooks. It combines images, videos, and  text and lets you create and manage student classes, projects, download and share and many more.

2- Citelighter

This is definitely a web tool you should not miss. It allows users to organize their reads and the content they come across online in such a neat and smart way with bibliography and many sharing options. It is very easy to use just use their extension and whenever you come across a chunk of text you want to save just highlight it and save it. You can also add your comments to what you save and send it to Word or Docs.

3- Loopster

Loopster is a good alternative to YouTube vdeo editors . You can use it to easily edit your videos online. The good thing about it is that it is very easy to use

4- Kustom Note

Kustom Notes is an awesome service that allows users to create professional notes in seconds. It is integrated with Evernote.

5- Hello Fax

If you did not buy a fax machine yet then you don't need to anymore, Hellofax can do the job for you and right from your computer. With HelloFax you can send and recieve faxes, request signatures and fill out forms.

6- Rockmelt

This is a great browser that integrates many social media services into it such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many more. You can view notifications from each of your profilesand  right from the sidebar panes.