6 Great Video Tools for Teachers

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1- Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox offers several features including : the ability to add text watermark to video files, cut video at start and end points that you determine, crop video with few clicks...and more

2- Cliplets

This is an interactive app from Microsoft that gives users the power to create cliplets which is a type of imagery that sits between stills and video

3- vReal

vReal is a free software to organize, fix, edit, and share your videos.

4- Anjo.to

Using Anjo you can easily convert music videos from Youtube or Myvideo into MP3 format for free.

5- BenderConvertr

This is a web tool that lets you convert video and audio files uploaded from your computer.It supports different formats including : MP3, Flash video, iPod/iPhone, iPad, Gif, Jpeg and other popular formats.

6- Vixy

Vixy Freecorder is a tool that can capture video from thousands of web sites, and record MP3 audio from any site. It is completely free and requires a download.