10 Great Free Web Tools for Teachers

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1- Quizslides

This is a great web tool that is completely free and that allows users to easily create quizzes in the form of slideshows. You can also upload your quizzes to it and get a generated code to use on your classroom blog or website.

2- Vyclone

This is an awesome video remixing tool compatible with iOS devices. You can now shoot videos with your iPhone and add to them other footage and remix them the way you want before you can share them with your friends.

3- Pic View

Pic View is an application that allows you to comment, add filters and frames, and annotate your images simultaneously.

4- Go Pro Travelling

This is a free web tool that lets you map your trips and add destinations you have been to. You can then share your map with your friends using social media or embeddable code.

5- CV Maker

As its name indicates this is a free web tool that allows users to create professional looking CVs without even the need for a sign up.

6- Vidify

Vidify gives users the opportunity to  create professionally edited movies in seconds without any need for advanced video editing knowledge.

7- Bottlenose

This is a great search engine  that lets you track your news and networks in one place, see what is trending across people you follow, and many more.

8- Do.com

Do.com is a web tool that helps you get your work done. You can work with your friends or in groups and it has all the features needed to accomplish your tasks.

9- Learn Street

Learn Street is designed to help you learn how to code . It is very simple and provides a learning that is fun, social and engaging. I

10- Uncharted.fm

This is a website to help you explore the countries of the world with a system proven to help you learn faster and remember longer. You can explore beautifu images, read about histories,and dive into different cultures.