Teachers Ultimate Digital Kit 30+ Great Educational Technology Guides

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Over the last couple of months, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been working diligently on a variety of educational technology guides for teachers and educators. Below is a round-up of some of these guides.

1 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Blogs in Teaching

2 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Facebook in Education

3 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Wikis in Education

4 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Skype in Education

5 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of iPad in Education

6 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Personal Learning Networks in Education

7 - Educators Guide on The Use of Pinterest in Education

8 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Graphic Organizers in The Classroom

9 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Evernote in Education

10 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of QR Codes in The Classroom

11 - Teacher's Comprehensive Guide on The Use of Social Networking in Education

12 - A Simple Guide to All That Teachers Need to Know about Digital Citizenship

13 - Teachers' Easy Guide to Social Learning

14 - Teacher's Guide to Creativity

15 - A Quick Guide to Teaching with iPad

16 - Teachers Guide to Create eBooks on iPad Using iBook Author

17 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Google Docs in The iPad

18 - Teachers Easy Guide to Google Best Services

19  -Teacher's Guide to Flipped Classroom

20 - A Free Comprehensive Guide to iPad Apps Evaluation

21 - Teacher's Definitive Guide to Google Search Skills

22 - Teacher's Guide on The Use of Games in Education

23 - Teacher's Guide to The Most Important Web Tools in Education

24 - Teacher's Simple Guide on The Use of Google Forms in The Classroom

25 - Teacher's Guide to All Google Tips in Education

26 - Teacher's Guide to Blended Learning

27 - Teacher's Guide on how To Evaluate Web Content for Classroom Inclusion

28 - The Ultimate Guide to The 21st Century Critical Thinking Skills for Teachers and Students

29 - A Quick Guide on Bloom's Taxonomy iPad Apps

30 - Teacher's Guide to The Importance of Learning from Mistakes and Errors

31 - The Entire Guide to Google Search Features for Teachers

32 - The Entire Guide to Google Free Tools for Teachers and Students

33 - Great Guide to Summer Learning Activities

34 - Teacher's Guide to Chat Acronyms and Text Message Short hands