9 Great Math iPad Apps for Teachers and Students

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 " Using HMH Math On the Spot, you can choose from hundreds of video lessons and topics from Grade 6 to Algebra 2. Whether you are studying negative numbers, linear equations, the Pythagorean Theorem, or polynomial functions, On the Spot video tutorials give you the detailed help you need where and when you need it...  "

2- Play 123

PLAY123 is a learning application where your kids can play with all shapes, colors and numbers of their imagination, using various functions of the pad. They can throw, draw, roll, stack, turn, and more... "

3- The Math Master

 MathMaster allows you to answer math problems with a large numeric keypad instead of selecting the answer from fixed choices. MathMaster also includes a powerful settings page allowing you to fully customize which problems it generates...."                  "

4- My Formula Store

"My Formula Store allows you to create your own formula and variables to ease your daily calculations. Lite version supports basic arithmetic calculations only. You can only store 5 formulas with 3 input variables in each. Full version supports more functions: sqrt(), log(), sin(), cos() and tan(). You can also store up to 99 formulas with 8 input variables in each..."

5- Algebra Solver

Algebra Solver SOLVES math formulas and equations; after you solve them, you can even EMAIL them to others using the built-in email button.... "

6- Math Plus

Improve and develop your mental maths skills by playing a game either individually, or with friends in the same room, across the Internet, or alternatively with others around the world.... "

7- Maths Magic

A fun card game to help children learn their times tables. Designed so that children can learn independently and at their own speed. Each times table from the 1's up to the 10's has its own game and a timer element is optional for those with a competitive edge.... "

8- Dia Math

 " DiaMath (Diamond Math) is a fun and challenging way to improve your problem solving skills. The principle of DiaMath is to solve for the two empty spaces in the diamond..... "

Math Ref is a math reference application that includes over 1,400 helpful formulas, figures, tips and examples of the equations, and concepts. ...."