Great Free Website to Learn Coding for Dummies

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1- W3Schools

This one provides tutorials for all kinds of learners starting with newbies and moving progressively  in difficulty to advanced learners. It also has an editor where you can try out your codes and see how they would look like when you use them on your blog or website.

2- Codecademy

This is also another great platform where you can learn how to write code. Its lessons start from the basics of HTML to advanced forms and styles.

3- Code School

Code School provides a set of free and paid courses for students that are looking to expand their knowledge in programming. Courses combine videos and coding in the browser.

4- Codea

Codea , alas Codify,  is a great coding tool for iPad users. It lets students easily create their own apps and program directly on the iPad. They can for instance create games, simulations or any visual idea they have. Codea is not free and costs $9.99.