5 Web Tools Every Student Should Know about

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While we were going through our  feeds today we stumbled upon a great article from Mahsable in which they featured the five tools that would help students maximize their time in and out of class.

Here is the list of the five tools they included and below is the video Mahsable made.

1- Google Docs search feature

student web tools

This is an awesome feature that has been recently added to Google Docs allowing users to  search online while writing and even footnote the paper with a click of a paper ( watch the video to see this feature in action).

2- Bookrenter

student web tools

Bookrenter is a great website for students who can not afford the costs of textbooks. Students can now rent textbooks with reasonable prices and for periods that go up to 125 days.

3- Trello

student web tools

It allows students to keep on track with their studies and researches using a bunch of smart tools such as boards, task organizers and cards. It is also available for iOS and Android.

4- Dropbox

student web tools

This is definitely one of the tools every student and teacher should be using. It enables you to upload your files, pdfs, folders, presentations, videos and many more and you can access them anywhere you are with an internet connection. I personally depend on it a lot in my work as a teacher and  blogger and as a master student too.

5- Evernote Peek

student web tools

This is an awesome app that helps you turn your iPad's Smartcover into a flashcard. No more stacks of index cards needed to memorize those geometric equations.

Watch the video to see these apps in action