29 iPad Resources, Tutorials, and Guides Every Teacher Should Know about

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Here are some useful guides and resources to help you make the best of iPad in your teaching. Enjoy

1- Teacher's Guide to The Use of iPads in Education

2- 8 Free Resources on The Use of iPads in Education

3- A Free Comprehensive Guide to iPad Apps Evaluation

4- A Quick Guide on Bloom's Taxonomy Apps for iPad

5- Teacher's Guide to The Use of Google Docs in The iPad

6- A Simple Guide on how to Create eBooks on iPads Using iBook Author

7- Using iPads to Enhance Students Reading Skills

8- Professional Development Apps for iPad

9- The Use of iPad Apps to Develop Students Creativity

Here are more resources from zdnet  compiled by Charlie Osborn:

1.) iPads for learning: Getting started
12.) 30 Useful IPad apps for Business & Presentation
13.) 20 Amazing iPad apps for educators
18.) Top 20 must-have educational iPhone & iPad Apps used by real teachers in the classroom
19.) 5 Innovative iPad apps that will evolve your classroom