9 Excellent Alternatives to PowerPoint

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1- Sliderocket

presentation tools

Sliderocket is a great presentation tool that lets users easily create, collaborate and share stunning media-rich presentations. It even provides ready made templates for you to use.

2- SlideSix

presentation tools

SlideSix is another great presenter application. It allows you to record audio and video narration and attach external videos, manage your presentations,and many more.

3- Vuvox

presentation tools

You can use Vuvox to instantly produce dynamic interactive panoramas with hot-spots. You can also upload and edit the  presentations you have created .

4- Keynote

presentation tools

This one works only on Mac. It is a tool that lets users create captivating presentations using powerful applications and impressive effects.

5- Prezi

presentation tools
Prezi is an awesome visualization tool. You can use it to visualize your ideas in interactive canvases, and import PowerPoint slides, images, videos , PDFs ect. Check out the video tutorial it has on its homepage to learn more about it.

6- Zoho Show

presentation tools

Zoho Show is an online presentation tool that helps you create and deliver presentations. It has several applications and features that makes creating presentations way simpler .