Top 10 Educational Technology Hashtags for Educators

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1- #edtech
This is one of the most popular hashtags for educational technology fans. Use it to follow news , updates, and tips about everything that has to do with the use of technology in education.

2-  #edchat
Another similar hashtag where people interested in educational technology hold constant talks and chats about educational web tools.

3- #Web20
This is where you can follow tweets about user-generated content, teaching communities, education mash-ups and social networking.

4- #elearning
This is the hashtag of a great community of educators discussing the the opportunities of learning online

5- #mlearning
This is a hashtag that provides all you need to know about mobile learning such as the use of hand held devices in education

6-  #edapps / #edapp
Use these hashtags to find out and learn about the recent educational apps to use in your teaching

7- #appsforkids
as its name suggests, this hashtag is dedicated to providing apps for young learners

8- # ipaded
This is also another great hashtag that allows its followers to discover the huge potential of iPad in education.

9- #slide2learn
This hashtag is ideal for teachers who want to leverage the power of mobile apps in their teaching.

10- #highered
This one here provides information on higher education such as university and college education and often includes news about online learning initiatives.