TED Books A New Free App from TED for iPad and iPhone Users

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TED has just launched a new awesome app free of charge called TED Books. As you know, TED is a non profit group that began as a conference back in 1984 and then developed into amazing platform for inspirational talks delivered by some of the most influential personalities in their fields. TED has also expanded to include multiple events from all around the world, a video website, and a number of programs  that feature prizes and fellowships for people that evidence the capability to inspire and motivate others.

ted books

TED Books are " short original electronic books produced every two weeks by TED Conferences. Like the best TED Talks, they are personal and provocative, and designed to spread great ideas. TED Books are typically under 20.000 words, long enough to unleash a powerful narrative, but short enough to be read in a single sitting."

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