Get LiveBinder App for your iPad for Free

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LiveBinder is a great content curation and bookmarking tool . There are now several similar tools online but LiveBinder remains on the top. It is completely free and easy to use . It allows you to create binders or categories where you can save or bookmark web pages you find online. In each binder you will have several tabs and each tab can have the URL of a certain website.


LivebBinder also has many user friendly features that are ideal for us in education. You can , for instance, create a binder full of interesting links about a classroom project and share it with students. You can also share binders with colleagues and explore their binders for professional development purposes.


LiveBinder now has an  app that you can install on your iPad or iPhone. This app is free of charge and will let you work on your binders wherever you are and whenever you want. Check it out here.

1- Quick overview of what LiveBinder is

2- How Teachers can use LiveBinder