Excellent Printing Apps for your iPad

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1- Epson iPrint

This is a free iOS printing app that allows users to print photos, webpages, and files including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF documents.

2- Print Magic

This app enables you to print to your WiFi printers from the iPhone or iTouch. This will work on most WiFi printers. Price : $ 1.99

3- ACT Printer

ACT Printer allows you to print any document from your Mac/PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Price : $ 1.99

4- Doc Printer

This is a great app for browsing, transfering and printing files, documents, photos and web pages on your ipad. Price : $5.99

5- Air Sharing

This iOS app allows users to view, share or print everything from PDFs to Excel documents. Price : $ 7.99