A Quick Guide on Blooms Taxonomy Apps for iPad

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Here are the apps according to the HOTS mentioned above :

1- Remembering

 A- eClicker

 B- Flashcards Deluxe

 C- A Life Cycle App

 D- Blog Writer

 E- Evernote Peek

 F- iBooks

2- Understanding

 A- Idea  Flight

B- 123 Chart Free

 C- Group Board

 D- Penultimate

2- Applying

 A- Replay Note

 B- Mind Blowing

 C- Screen Chomp

 D- Tweet Board


 A- Power Docs

B- Data Analysis

C- Stats Mate

D- Live Notes

E- Quick Office

4- Evaluate
 A-  iBrainstorm

 B- Mind Mash

 C- Scratch Work

D- Map Projector

 E- Five Free Collaborative Whiteboards

5- Create

A- iMovie

B  - Adobe Ideas

C- Build A Story

D- Do Ink Animation and Drawing

E- Animoto Videos

F- Toontastic