9 Great Animation and Video Creation Tools Integrated with YouTube for Teachers

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1- GoAnimate
This is a fun app that lets you make animated videos for free in just 10 minutes and without having to draw.You can even create your own cast of characters. Watch this video to learn more

2- WeVideo
WeVideo is a cloud-based editing platform.It allows you to edit movies in your browser, with media files from any device, and combine clips with music,effects, titles, transitions and many more. Watch this video to learn more

3- Vix-Video effects and text
This app lets you create awesome videos by applying video effects and adding text. Select from a variety of effects such as fix effects, time altering effects, artistic effects and fun video borders.  Watch this video to learn more

4-Xtranormal Movie Maker
Xtranormal lets you turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie. Set up your scene, type in your script and animate it instantly.  Watch this video to learn more

5- Stupeflix Video Maker
This app allows you to easily tell a story using your digital content. You can, for instance, mix photos, videos, maps, text, music and watch Stuppeflix generate an awesome video in few seconds.  Watch this video to learn more

6- Vbop
This is another great app that lets you make your video look professional by easily adding an animated introductions, a vintage filter, a cartoon look, a silent movie theme, and dozens of other effects.

7- One True Media Video Creation and Editting
This is a great video creation and edition tool. It offers real-time preview and combines photos, transitions, effects, text and many more.  Watch this video to learn more

8- YouTube Video Editor
This app lets you make quick edits to your uploaded YouTube videos. You can combine multiple clips, incorporate Creative Commons footage,and many more.  Watch this video to learn more

9- Magisto- Video Editing in a Click
Magisto will analyze and understand your video, select the best parts and make it look amazing on YouTube. Watch this video to learn more