5 Awesome Alternatives to iGoogle

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1- Symbaloo

start pages

This  is  a customizable start page where you can save and organize websites you visit so often. It has a nice interface and is very easy to use.

2- Skloog


 Skloog is like a visual pinboard where users save their favourite bookmarks and create start pages by simply clicking on their logo.Users can add websites to their Skyloog page by entering the URL of that website or select some from the ones already indexed by Skloog.

3- Evernote
start pages

This is another great  tool for bookmarking and curating content. It allows users to create text, photo and audio notes that auto-synchronize across different platforms. Users  can also easily access and share files of different formats, read The Utimate Guide to The Use of Evernote in Education to learn more.

4- NetVibes

start pages

This is a dashboard where you can add and organize your links and RSS feeds. It provides various layouts to choose from.

5- Protopage

start pages

This one looks like NetVibes but has some different features. It lets you create your own customzable page where you can add widgets, create tabs, and select themes to fit your desires.

You can also check this list of great free bookmarking tools to explore other tools that you can use to organize your web links and bookmarks.