3 Excellent Tools to Easily Create Lesson Plans

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1- Planboard

lesson plan tools

This is a simple tool that is designed specifically for teachers and educators to simplify their lesson planning. It provides several important services such as sharing calendars, printing off schedules, and re-usability of lesson plans. Planboard does not require any software installation and is completely easy to use.

2- Core Planner

lesson plan tools

Core Planner is a great website that allows teachers to create lesson plans with Common Core Standards in mind. It also lets them write lesson plans, track the Common Core Standards usage for each lesson and set overall goals for each class.

3- Plan Book Edu

lesson plan tools

This is another great tool for teachers . Plan Book Edu lets you easily create lesson plans  and makes them available anywhere you go. You can attach files, Common Core Standards, print, export to Word or PDF, and share with colleagues.