10 Great YouTube Tips Every Educator should Know about

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Today we are going to cover some of the must know tips and tricks about YouTube that we as teachers can use  to make maximum benefit from YouTube.

This post is updated on October 25, 2013 and therefore 4 tools were removed for the list because they are no longer working.

1- Editor

Do you know that YouTube has its own editor where you can edit the videos you upload there.Before you would need  to use an external  video editor to edit your videos before uploading then  to YouTube , now you can edit your videos right from the editor page on YouTube. You can add effects, transitions, timelines, and crop parts you do not want to show, and you can also select a song from YouTube's library to add to your video legally.

2- Annotations

You might have noticed those clickable links that pop up  on a video prompting you to subscribe or do an action. Wondering how to do this ? It is pretty much easy, way easier than you might ever think. Just go to the Annotation page and add the text ( provide a link to make it clickable ) you want to display and there you go.you can link videos to playlists, channels, other videos or ask people to subscribe and many more.

3-  Captions and Subtitles
YouTube lets you easily add captions and subtitles to your videos to help those who have a hearing impairment or who do not speak that language watch your videos. Again the process is quite easy just access the caption and subtitles page and follow the instructions or watch this video to learn more.

4- Watch Later

This is a great feature that allows you to watch YouTube videos later on when you have time. That little + icon can , when clicked on, save the video to your homepage on YouTube where you can access it anytime you want and watch it.

5- YouTube Stabilizer
YouTube Stabilizer removes the choppy and jumpy features in videos and make them  look slick and professional. Watch this video to learn more:

6- YouTube Test Tube
This is a place where YouTube tests  its products before it launches them to the public. Check it out,  it resembles Gmail labs.