The Ultimate Simplified Guide to The Use of Evernote in Education

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Here is a set of tutorials on how to get started using Evernote :

1- Introducation to Evernote

2- Evernote for Windows

3- Evernote for iPad

3- Evernote Tutorial for Teachers

4- Sharing notes and collaborating using Evernote

5- Emailing your Notes to Evernote

6- Make flashcars on Evernote using Studyblue

7- Overview of Evernote
8- How to create student portfolios using Evernote

How to Create Student Digital Portfolios Using Evernote from Junior School on Vimeo.

 1- Ten Great Ways to Use Evernote
 2- Everything about Evernote
3- Evernote for Education
4- Evernote for Students the Ultimate Research Tool
4- How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote
5- Ten Tips for Teachers Using Evernote
6- Top 100 Evernote Uses
7- Ten Evernote Tips for Schools
8- Evernote for Educators Livebinder
9- Everynote links Cybrary Man
10- Evernote in The Classroom