Top 11 Educational Video Websites for Teachers

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1- Teacher Tube
This is a great video website for teachers  looking  for educational videos. Teachers can also post their own videos and share them with the community there.

2- YouTube for Schools
This is a channel Youtube has created to help educators access thousands of free high quality educational videos in a very secure and controlled learning environment.

3- YouTube for Teachers
This is another educational channel created by Youtube to provide educationally relevant videos. It has content organized and classified according to different topics. there are seven topics namely: Elementary, Middle School, High School: Algebra, High School: Functions, High School Geometry, High School: Number and Quantity, and High School: Statistics and Probability.

4- YouTube Education
This is my favourite one for it has videos pertaining to different categories, there are lectures, tutorials, documentaries and so forth.

5- Discovery Education
This is a division of Discovery Communications. it provides more than 9000 full length videos and many free classroom tools.

6- Learn Org
This is another great video website where teachers can browse for educational videos. It covers a wide range of subjects like: Art, Literature, Math, Science, Language Arts and many more.

7- National Geography Video
National Geography has a section containing awesome educational video resources for teachers and students. Videos are categorized by animal, environment, music, travel, culture, kids and science and space.

8-Ted Videos
TED is a popular video website where you can find hundreds of educational videos for your students. If you want to inspire your students and motivate them then try it out.

9- Best Documentary websites for teachers
Check out these great free documentary websites where you can browse through all kinds of documentaries you want to share with your students.

10- Edu Tube
This is another great video website for teachers. It contains all kinds of educational videos you would think of.

11- Neo K12
This list without Neo K12 will be incomplete. This is basically a popular website visited by thousands of educators daily. It has educational videos and games suitable for all age groups.