Teachers Guide on The Use of Graphic Organizers in The Classroom

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Some free resources on Graphic Organizers
The following are some of the best websites where teachers can have free access to a variety of graphic organizers templates and other relevant materials.

1- Educational Place
This website contains dozens of pre made graphic organizers that you can easily download or print off to use use in your classroom.

2- Ed Helper
This is another popular website where teachers have free access to a plethora of printable graphic organizers covering all kinds of topics and themes.

3- Education Oasis
This website contains over 50 free printable graphic organizers for teachers to use with their students.

4- Read Write Think
This is one of my favourite resource. It has hundreds of graphic organizers refined by age, category, subjects, skills and more.

5- Teachnology
This is also a fantastic web resource of graphic organizers of all kinds. Teachnology even allows teachers to create their own graphics by simply filling out pre-made forms and templates. It is really great.

6- Freeology
This website has over 100 free printable graphic organizers for a wide variety of topics.

7- Schoolastic
Schoolastic has a section called printables where teachers can print, for free, different kinds of visual graphics.

8- Holt
Holt provides a set of free printable graphic organizers covering different topics. Just click on a title and download it as pdf then print it off.

9- Teacher Vision
Teacher Vision has a collection of ready to use graphic organizers grouped under different headings. Select the ones you want and click on view printable to see and download it.