Skyloog A Great Bookmarking Tool for Educators

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Skylog is a great web tool for educators. It basically resembles iGoogle  and Pinterest but has some extra different features. Skyloog is like a visual pinboard where users save their favourite bookmarks and create start pages by simply clicking on their logo.Users can add websites to their Skyloog page by entering the URL of that website or select some from the ones already indexed by Skyloog.

Here are some of the services that Skyloog offers and that makes out of it a great educational tool :
  •  You can arrange your bookmarks in a visually engaging way
  • You can organize your bookmarks into different categories
  • Each category you create is displayed as a tab on your Skyloog page ( see the picture below )
  • You can easily switch back and forth between the tabs
  • You can create as many tabs as you want
  • You have the freedom to delete, rename, or reposition any tab or category you want
  • You can easily search for your bookmarks using the search bar provided by Skylog
  • You can also share your bookmarks by emailing them directly from your Skylog page
  • You can search the web right from Skylog using the search engine of your choice ( Google, Yahoo, or Bing ).
  • You can also sort your bookmarks by date, URL, name, or popularity
Watch this video to learn more about Skyloog