A Simple Guide for Teachers to Create eBooks on iPad using iBook Author

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Below are some of the best tutorials to get teachers and educators acquainted with the iBook Author. Just a reminder, iBook Author allows users to easily create ebooks. The app is free and has a very intuitive interface. The purpose behind these tutorials is to help those of you , still struggling with the intricacies of this app, find their way out and be able to create their own ebooks.

1- Selecting a template
 To start creating an eBook using iBook Author you need first to select a template . Apple has 6 suggested templates. Watch the video below to learn how to select a template:

2- Thmbnail and Panels
 The video below will walk you through the outline and thumbnail panels in iBooks Author.

3-  Tool bar
This video will show you how the tool bar works and inform you about the different functions of each icon.

4- Inspector Panel
This video will make you familiar with using Inspector Panel on iBook Author

5- Pages and navigation
This tutorial will show you how to insert pages and navigate the thumbnail and outline view.

6- Using Rulers and Guides
This guide will help you understand how to use rulers and guides on the iBook Author.

7- Inserting Text
This tutorial will teach you how to insert and edit text on iBooks Author

8- Inserting Text from Microsoft
This video will help you learn how to insert a Microsoft Word text document into iBook Author and how to modify it.

9-  Paragraph Styles
This video will teach you how to format text using style, modify the size, font and many more.

10- Email an iBook PDF
This tutorial will show you how to email an iBook PDF file.

For more video tutorials on how to use iBook Author please visit This Website.