Teachers Guide on The Use of QR Codes in The Classroom

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What are QR codes ?
According to Wikipedia, a QR code is  " a specific matrix bar code ( or two-dimensional code ), readable by dedicated QR bar code readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL, or other data."

 Here are some video tutorials to help you understand it all :
Video tutorial : Introduction to QR Codes
Video Tutorial 2 : Why Use QR Codes
Video Tutorial 3 : How to Use QR Codes

What do I need to start  using a QR code ?
To view or scan a QR code you will need :
  • A phone with a camera or a Smart phone.
  •  Most Smartphones will have a barcode scanner as an app which will read QR codes
  • A program that lets you scan them ( check the list of such programs below )
  • You must have access to internet when you are to scan a QR code.
  • If you don't have a phone you can use your desktop or netbook provided it has a webcam to read the codes
QR Code generators
Here is a list of some of the best free QR codes generators that teachers can use to easily create QR codes containing all kinds of information.

1- Kaywa
This is one of my favourites . It lets you generate codes from text, URL, phone number and SM.

2- Snap.vu
This one here lets you generate codes from URLs and has an option for tracking usage of the code.

3- Delivr
 This service allows you to shorten a URL and generate QR code from all kinds of URLs.

4- Sparqcode
This tool helps users generate QR codes from phone numbers.

5- Qurify
This one generates  QR code from text.

6- Bit.ly
This is known for shortening URLs but it also generates QR codes ( click on info page or add ".qrcode" to the end of a shortened URL to get QR code ).

This is another famous service for shortening URLs and it also generates QR Codes by clicking details or add ".qr" to the end of a shortened URL to get QR code.

8- Creater qr codes
This service lets you generate codes from text.

9- Invx
This one too does the same thing: generates codes from text.

10- Go QR Me
This tool lets you generate QR codes from text, URL,calling a phone number, SMS, Vcard.

11-Qreate and track
This one generates QR code from URL, email, phone, text, business card, schedule event.

12-QR Stuff
This one has more options. It generates codes from Text, URL, phone number, SMS, email message,iTunes, Google maps, YouTube,social networks and many more.

13- Snap Maze
It generates QR code from URL, text, phone number, SMS, Vcard.

It generates QR codes from email address, geolocation, phone number, sms and more.

15- Esponce
This one generates QR code from text, URL, vCard, email address, online number, sms and more.

16- Jump Scan
It helps users create a code that contains all contact information and social media information.

This one here generates code from text, URL, vCar, maps

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