Free Countdown Timers for Teachers to Organize their Teaching Time

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1- The Promodoro Technique
It is an effective way of time management. It provides 9 timers that can be used in different browsers.

2- Stopwatch
This is a great online stopwatch and countdown timer. Teachers can use it for timing their activities in the classroom. It also has a desktop version for both Mac and PC. Just be careful, it has several ads all around the timer, watch where you click.

3- Timer
This is a very simple and easy way to set a count down timer.It counts down seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years as they are entered in a logical order

4- Tick Counter
This is particularly helpful when keeping track of an event. It helps you create a web-based time counter to count down how much time is left for a particular event in the future.

5- Yast
You can use this tool to time your tasks. It is very simple and requires a sign up. It also provides a basic free plan for personal use.