Free Apps to Create Digital Portfolios for Students and Teachers

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Have you or your students ever considered creating digital portfolios on the go? Well now with the new mobile technology everything is possbile. There are a variety of apps that can help you create and organize portfolios and sketchbooks and some don't cost you even a penny. Apps in Education has compiled an awesome list of such apps though they are not 100%  perfect but they can help you alot. I have picked out the free apps and reviewed them down .

1- Evernote

digital portfolios apps

Evernote is quite popular and probably many of you are already familiar with it. This app lets you take notes, create to do lists, record voice reminders, capture photos and many more.What is even cooler is that it syncs all of your information across all the devices you use.

2- Paper

digital portfolios apps

This is a great free app for iPad users. It basically allow them to organize their ideas in sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them online. Think of it as a notebook or a journal.

3- Three Ring

digital portfolios apps

This app allows teachers to easily organize and present their students work from  written assignments to  classroom presentations. It is fast, flexible and simple.

4- Coolibah

digital portfolios apps

This is a free digital scrapbooking app that can be easily used to do the same work a digital portfolio normally does: presenting students work in an organized and neat way. It allows for a bigger customization in size, templates, elements such as text and images and many more.

5- VoiceThread

digital portfolios apps

This is a great app that allows users to create and share conversations about documents, snapshots, diagrams and videos. It is already used by more 25% of the top University in the US.