Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education

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Some educational Pinners to follow

This is the editor of the famous blog cool cat teacher. It has over 69 boards all with more than 600 pins. Some of her best boards include "Teaching Ideas and App", Collaborative Writing", and " Global Collaboration in Education ".

This guy is one of our favourite educational writers. He has several boards covering different topics such as: Google chrome extensions, Twitter apps and resources, web2.0 tools for educators and his own personal learning network.

Karen is a great educator with a huge presence online. She has created boards on " Transforming Education", " Great PD Links ", and boards with resources in the areas of science, the arts, literacy and numeracy.

This is an ICT specialist. She has 23 boards and more than 700 pins. Some of her boards include: " Infographics",  " Education ", " web 2.0 and social media " and many more.

Shannon has a great Pinterest page that includes some awesome boards on educational technology essentials.

Shelly has one of the resourceful boards on Pinterest. She coveres different topics ranging from digital storytelling to graphic organizers and world cloud tools.

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