9 Great Free Note Taking Tools for Teachers

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Below is a collection of some very good web tools that you can use for note taking. we invite you to check them out and share with us what you think of them.

1- mySchoolNotebook
mySchoolNotebook is a great note taking tool for students. It, as its name suggests, allows its users to instantly take and edit their notes. Students can use this tool to save and access their noets wherever they are with an internet connection. It even has a mobile app for the Android, iPhone, and iPad.

2- Nottez
Nottez is a great note taking app for educators and teachers. You can use it to take and save  notes online  at the instant of a click. Just keep in mind that it does require a sign up.

3- Gumnotes
Gumnotes is a great note taking tool that allows its users to stick notes easily to their documents. It does not only allow for  note taking but also  for annotating web pages too. You can add notes to websites in Firefox, Internet-Explorer and all other website-browsers. You can also annotate your documents in Word, Excel, and images.

This is a free and simple service for recording minutes during a meeting and share them right away. You do not need to be a tech wizard to use it , it even does not necessitate an internet connection because your drafts are saved on your browser and when connectivity is there then you can  send them

5- Catch

Catch is a great tool for both desktop and mobile devices. It allows its users to catch anything online and create out of it a bookmark ; be it a text note, voice note, or images.

6- Primary Wall
Primary Wall is a web based sticky note tool designed for collaborative note taking . It looks like a collaborative whiteboard but with more features.

7- iSearch Notes
This is an awesome tool that allows users particularly college students to share class notes. It requires a sign up.

8- Evernote
Evernote is one of the famous web2.0 tools online . It is a free application that allows its users  to “ capture anything , save your ideas , and access your information from anywhere using either a computer, or a phone and mobile devices.

9- Springpad
This is more or less like Evernote.It is one of the best platforms where you can quickly and easily save anything you want to remember. Springpad uses the power of the web to create really smart notes.