8 Great Kids Video Websites

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1- Kidos
This is a great video website where kids can safely watch videos online. Kidos features only videos designed specifically for kids and after they have been approved by their Video Advisory Council.

2-  Kideo Player
This is  kids YouTube. It features playlists of videos that kids can watch with just one click. All the videos are relevant for kids and very educational.

3- Kids Tube
This is a great video website for kids. It actually allows children to both watch videos and upload their own ones. There are also a variety of contest for kids around user uploaded videos. It is so much fun for kids.

4- Kidz Bop
This is a moderated platform for kids where they can create and upload their own webshows and videos, play games and get creative with music and art.

5- National Geographic
National Geographic has an entire section dedicated just for kids videos. These videos are highly educational and risk-free for kids. It provides an ideal environment for kids to both learn and wacth videos.

6- Zui
Zui provides some of the best YouTube videos for kids. These videos are rated and carefully selected. It also has games, puzzles, and many more

7- Kidyos
Kidyos offers the best of the web for kids from 1 to 6 years old including videos, movies, games and educational content.

8- PBS Kids
PBS Kids is another great resource containing hundreds of kids videos. It also provides games, reading activities and many more.