8 Great Free Tools to Improve your Students Spelling Skills

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1- Spelling Match
This is a great game where learners can improve their spelling based on matching activities. It has different levels and grades.

Scholastic provides three awesome games to improve spelling skills. Leo Loves to Spell ( students help Leo find the correct letter ), Reggie Loves to Rhyme ( Rhineceros needs help finding the the words rhyming with different objects ), and the third one is called  Nina the Naming Newt  which  also needs help identifying objects that belong to various places.

This one here has 6 word games and some of them are spelling activities such as : Miss Spell's Class.

This is a great website for both spelling and vocabulary practice. It includes more than 42.000 spelling words and takes into consideration the spelling differences between the American and British English ( colour/color, favourite/favourite ). It also provides the correct pronunciation of every word mentioned there.

Spell Bee provides different spelling games for students to play. Teachers have the option to create accounts for their students in order to track their performance.

This is an awesome game where students get to practice their spelling abilities. It has different levels of difficulty and students move up the scale upon spelling words correctly. It also offers pronunciation for words students find hard to spell.