7 Great Tools to Annotate Webpages and Documents

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1- InFocus
This is a great tool that allows users to highlight rectangular sections of any webpage. It does not require any sign up and very easy to use. Just visit its homepage and paste in the URL of the webpage you want to clip and when loaded , use your mouse to mark the rectangular region on that page. A URL will be generated for you to share with others and whoever accesses it will see the portion you selected lit up and other parts of the webpage dark.

2- Co-ment
This is must have tool for educators. It is basically a service that allows users to :
  • Create, edit , share, collaborate, and annotate text documents online
  • Annotate and highlight any text and comment on it
  • Allow others to see and or comment on the text
  • It provides you with a document history of your editions and many more
3- A.Nnotate
This is an annotation and collaboration tool that can be used for documents ( PDF and Microsoft Office ) as well as webpages and images. It basically takes a snapshot of any webpage or image and lets you write notes on that copy and share it with others.

4- Crocodoc
This is a great tool for document collaboration. It allows users to highlight, cross text, add comments and revise PDF files, Microsoft Word docs, images and many more.

5-  Internote
This is a Firefox extension that lets users add notes to their webpages and customize their notes background and text.

6- Note Anywhere
This is an awesome Chrome extension that you can use to add notes to any webpage and whenever you open that webpage again those notes will be loaded automatically.

7-  Wired Marker
This is a permanent indelible highlighter that you can use on Web pages. The highlighted content is automatically recorded in a bookmark .