Portfoliogen Easily Create and Share Portfolios

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Portfoliogen is a great service for teachers. It is a free online tool that allows teachers to create their own customized portfolio webpage. This means that you have a user friendly platform designed specifically to host and organize all your materials into one place. You can also share your portfolio with your colleagues and peers using the generated URL.

Some features of Portfoliogen
Here is a list of the main features that Portfoliogen offers to its users :
  • It is free
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It lets users create Portfolio online
  • It generates a personal URL for each portfolio created
  • It lets users post information, certifications, work related photos and many more
  • It allows users to upload documents and add work related links to use useful websites
  • Users can customize the design and layout of their webpage
Head over to Portfoliogen and give it a try.