Knowledge Graph A Great New Service from Google

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Google has recently announced  a major service  in an attempt to improve its search functionalities. This new service is called Google Knowledge Graph. This will definitely change the way you use Google search engine and will also handle your search queries in such an effective way that more and more search results will be available to you at a single click.

 Google Knowledge Graph is designed in such a way that it can easily make connections with the terms you use in your search  and determine exactly what is it that you are really searching for. It can smartly determine whether for instance when you type in the term ' Oasis ' that you mean the band and not patches of vegetation in a desert and vice versa.

One of  the other cool features of Google Knowledge Graph is that it also provides a summary of key points accompanying the search results. For instance when you search for Leonardo Davinchi you will also get on the right hand side a list of other Renaissance painters together with samples of their work as shown in the video below.

Watch this video to learn more about this service.