Free End of School Year Printable Worksheets

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The following are some great resources where teachers can access, download and print free worksheets for the end of school year.

1- ABC Teach
This is a great online resource for educators. There is particularly a section called Directory where you can search for printables either by list or thumbnails. There is also a special unit designed just to include end of school year printable worksheets. click on the title above and it will lead you to it.

2- Worksheet Place
As its name suggests, Worksheet Place is a free website where teachers can browse through more than 2000 worksheets. These worksheets cover different themes and topics . Use the left hand side links to get instant access to the main categories which are : Spring Worksheets, Behaviour Worksheets, Grammar Worksheets, Language Worksheets, Math Worksheets, Science Worksheets.

3-  Teachnology
This is another great website that offers printable resources and activities for end of school year. Their extensive End of School page includes end of school themed word puzzles, creative writing activities, vocabulary activities and many more.

4- Tools for Educators
This is one of my favourite websites. It actually provides free tools for teachers to create their own printable worksheets. This is the ideal place for teachers who want to create their personal end of school themed puzzles, crosswords, word searches, board games and many more.

5- Discovery School
This is another website where teachers can create their own free end of school worksheets for elementary students. It provides a handy tool called Puzzlemaker that allows users to create crossword puzzles, word searches, math squares, cryptogram and many more.