Five Great Free Screen Capture Tools for Teachers and Students

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1- Bounce
Bounce is a great screen capturing tool. It lets  users not only  capture a screenshot of anywebsite they want but can also add annotations and comments and share the finalized work with others using a specific URL.

2- Awesome Screenshot
This extension allows users to :
  • Easily take screenshots of web pages
  • You can select whether you want a screenshot of the whole page or just a selected part
  • You can add annotations and draw boxes
  • You can also blur out information and add text to any screenshot you make
3- Aviary
Aviary is a great photo editing software that I have already covered in a seperate post a year ago. Aviary offers a very handy extension called Talon that works both for Chrome and Firefox and that does the same work as the previous tools above.

4- Jing
Jing is a cool that allows users to :
  • Share their screen captures with others
  • Easily capture a screenshot
  • It provides  awesome  annotation tools
  • It is free but it also offers a pro version for $15
5- Skitch
This is a great screen capture tool for Mac users. Skitch allows its users to :
  • Capture their screens
  • Easily annotate their pictures
  • Draw on them with  swanky graphics
  • Share them online or save them to their desktops.