enThread A Free and Easy Photo Editing Tool for Teachers

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enThread is a great web tool for educators. It basically enables users to easily and instantly tweak a photo and add a personal touch to it without the need for adavanced photo editing knowledge. Sure, enThread does not have as many features as Photoshop and other huge photo editing softwares, but it offers the basic needs for us in education.

To start using enThread, just drag  and drop an image into the page and the editior will automatically pop up. Among the changes you can make to your image are : Changing contrast, hue, saturation, the colors and many more. It also allows users to apply effects and some basic filters to the image.

When you finish working on your image you can then save it. But to save images you need to be registered. Registration is pretty easy and free of charge just provide your name, email address and a password and there you go.

Head over to  enThread and give it a try.