8 Free Video Websites for Inspiring Talks and Lectures

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1- TED
This is by far our favourite platform for educational and inspirational videos.

2- The Do Lectures
This is where the popular Doers of the world teach users how to do things in their life. This website hosts some of the best university lectures and talks on a variety of topics.

3- Learners TV
This is basically a website that offers interesting video lectures on a variety of subjects ranging from chemistry, biology, computer science, medicine, accounting, dentistry, physics and many more. It is very easy to use , just click on a topic and a list of video lectures related to it will immediately pop up.

4- Free Video Lectures
As its name suggests, this is a free platform where users have access to thousands of video lectures. These are organized into subject category, institute, name, course, and professor  for easy browsing. It does not require any sign up and videos can be embedded and shared via social networking websites.

5- Academic Earth
This is a great website that allows its users to watch university lectures online. It offers thousands of video lectures from world's top educators that lecture in universities such as Berkely, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale.

6- LectureFox
LectureFox is another website that offers free university lectures. The lectures are organized according to the university name, course title, and type of lecture available whether video, audio, or notes.

7- Google Code Universit
This is an online repository of tutorials and course content arranged in the form of text, videos and slides. These course cover computer science topics especially that focus on web development.

8- Backpack.tv
Backpack.tv provides a library of academic videos from across the web. Videos are organized by subject, topic, and video duration.