5 Great Websites for Kids and Young Learners

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Looking for websites that provide educational content designed specifically for kids, check out the collection below. These are kids-friendly platforms that provide a wide variety of learning resources including educational games, videos, comics, books, and many more. Check them out and share with us your feedback.

This is a great website for young learners and for parents who want to get their kids busy in a learning activity while they do a house chore etc. This is basically a web portal with several activities designed specifically to meet kids learning needs.

This is a great video website where kids get to watch awesome instructional videos. The idea behind this website is to provide kids with a safe environment where they can watch videos aggregated from several sources namely Youtube, Vimeo and many more. These videos cover a wide range of topics such as : nature, art, music, science,technology, storytelling and more.

This is a cool web service that allows young learners and kids to learn everything about agriculture and food processing via the use of games and interactive activities. There are about 13 games featuring different concepts and promoting various aspects of agriculture, maths, science and society.

This is another great website that provides a large database of resources that kids can use to help them with their drawing and colouring. There is also a search functionality that enables users to search for images from the website's collection. Drawings can even be shared with the public.

5- Funbrain
Funbrain is a website that provides educational games, books, and videos to help kids enhance their reading, literacy, and math skills. You can learn more about this platform in this post entitled Funbrain: Games, Books, and Videos for Kids.