4 Free Tools to Read Books by Email

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1- Daily Pages
Daily Pages is a great website that allows users to get emails containing chapters of books to read. The process if very easy, just visit its homepage, select the books you want to read and add you email. It is free of charge.

2- Dear Reader
This is an awesome reading club where you state what type of books you like to read and Dear Reader will email you a short 5-minute excerpt from that book you have chosen ( provided it is available ) .

3- Dripread
Dripread serialises ebooks and web pages into a daily digest that is delivered to you by email on any device.It is free and simple to use:
  • Choose an ebook or upload your own. Alternatively you can upload any webpage. 
  • Subscribe for free with just your email address. 
  • Enjoy five minutes a day of reading pleasure directly in your inbox. 
4- Send Me A Story
“Send Me A Story” is a free web service that sends you interesting newspaper articles weekly. These articles can be from current or past issues of newspapers. The site’s function is quite simple: you enter your email address, click on the Subscribe button and every Saturday a new article will be emailed to you.