3 Awesome Twitter Tools for Educators

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1- My Top Tweet
This is a handy tool that allows users to analyse any Twitter account to discover the most retweeted tweets. It works with both your account or any other one. To use this service, you need to grant it access to your Twitter account and once done just type in the Twitter ID you want to investigate and in a few seconds time you will get the most retweeted tweets of that user.

2- Vizify
The thing with Twitter is that its interface is not really user friendly and once tweets get accumulated it becomes hard for you to look for old tweets. Vizify is a free service that provides a bird's eye view of your Twitter activity presented as an easy to navigate infographic. The first part of this infographic can features up to 3200 tweets followed by a list of your 5 favourite followers and your 5 most retweeted tweets.

3- Twoolr
This is a free tool for those of you who wants to keep track of their Twitter statistics and analytics. It provides your tweets frequency in an easy to read chart. It also displays a distribution of your tweets by hour and key words.