Zoho A Comprehensive Suite of Great Collaboration and Productivity Tools

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Zoho offers a comprehensive suite of online collaboration business and productivity applications to help you better run your business, manage information and be more productive . Many of the tools Zoho provides are free and although the majority are business focused, yet there are some that we can benefit from in education. For instance the collaboration apps, these ones can be used by teachers and students just the same way we normally use Google Docs. They can let you:
  • Maintain a public repository for documents, pdfs,etc
  • Make knowledge sharing easy with online Wikis
  • Manage and track multiple projects
  • Access to your own mail
  • Hold online web conferences
  • Engage in discussions
  • Make real time group decisions
Productivity apps can also be a good support in education. They include tools such as :
  • Calendar: Schedule and manage your tasks easily
  • Notebook : Collect and collaborate information easily
  • Planner : Easily plan and track your activities
  • Sheet : Create and share your spreadsheets online
  • Show: Create, edit and share your presentations online
  • Writer : Create documents with ease online
All these apps are hosted online and there is even a mobile version, a plug-in for Microsoft Office, and versions of Zoho Apps that integrate with Google Apps.

Watch this video to learn more