Searchy Pants A Great Safe Search Engine for kids and Students

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Searchy Pants is a great search engine for students and children. It is completely safe an uses Google custom search technology.You will have the same searching experience plus an added feature which is that of online safety and secure environment that  our kids are in need of.

Searchy Pants uses School Safe Search technology to prioritise delivering safe learning content. As a teacher or parent, you can use this tool to create a custom search home page for your child or students.In this way you will be able to maintain a constant communication with your learners through leaving custom messages. " Schools can also use Searchy Pants to showcase pupils work while providing a safe search experience".

Some features of Searchy Pants

Here is a list of the main feature that Searchy Pants offers to its users:
  • It is easy
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It is very secure and safe for kids and students
  • It allows you to create custom search pages
  • You can customize your custom search page by adding background themes
  • You can add links to your page
  • It lets you post messages to your learners to read before searching.

Head over to Searchy Pants and give it a try.