Pin Ball A Great Thought Generating Tool for BBC

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Pinball is an awesome tool provided by BBC. This is basically a set of fun tools that help users ogranize and generate new ideas.It is one of the best free mind mapping services for educators. Pinball is not only limited to mind mapping but  also has tools for creating outlines, and simple slideshow.

There are six tools you can use. Each of these tools has advanced embedding options of images, and text. Here is a brief review of these tools :

1- Dot Dash
Dot Dash is about firing out new ideas. It helps users create a map of all their ideas and see their thought process right in front of them.

2- Drop Zone
Drop Zone helps you sort your ideas and and organise them into groups.

3-  Snap Shot
Snap Shot is for playing around with images, or adapting old ideas inot new ones.

4- Wild Reels
Wild Reels helps you create random mixes of your ideas.

5- Live Wire
Live Wire helps you strong ideas together fast. You can use images, words or scribbed notes to explain your thoughts or tell a story.

6- Curve Ball generates new and unexpected ideas and sets you off on all sorts of creative tangents.

Head over to Pin Ball and give it a try.