PBS Kids Cyberchase A Great Math Resource for Students

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PBS Kids Cyberchase is a great resource for Maths teachers and students. It has a plethora of intuitive Math activities and games. What is really so peculair about this website is that it provides games in two modes one is for the online and the second one for the offline. These offline activities are patterned in such a way that they serve mainly for hands-on offline learning.

As for the online activities, you will find more than fourty games that are designed to help students think about patterns and use logic to solve challenges. One of the featured activities is the one called  "quest" where students have to work for the attainment of a predefined goal while solving problems in a journey. The Mission Motherboard and Virtual Coin Flip are but some of the  examples good to start with. You will also find explanatory videos accompanying games to better understand the task.