Free Tools to Easily Record and Share Audio Messages with your Students

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Sharing audio messages with your students on your blog or classroom website is an effective way to maintain communication with them and their parents. We have compiled some awesome tools that can allow you to easily record a short audio message and share it online without any need for signing up .

1- Vocaro

 This is basically a free service that allows you to record short audio message without having to install any software or register for any account. All you need to have is a built-in microphone and head over to its main page and click on record then grant access to Vocaroo and start talking. Once finished you can either publish your audio message or scrap and start over. Vocaroo also gives you the option to download your recording or embed it in your blog or website.

2- Audio Pal
This is another awesome tool where you can record audio message and share them with others. Here are some of its features:
  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • It lets you record your audio messages by phone or computer
  • You can also upload your audio message if you want
  • There is a limit of 60 seconds on each audio message
  • When you finish recording yur message , just enter your email address and the embed code will be sent to you.
3- Voki
This is a service I have reviewed last year. I like Voki because it has some kind of animation in it. What Voki really does is it allows you to create animated audio avatars that you can embed into your blog, wiki, or website.

4-  Record MP3
It allows users to easily and instantly record short audio messages to share with others. It does not require any sign up just head over to its homepage and start recording and once done a link will be generated for you to email or post it to others to listen to your recording.