Free Tools To create and Administer Quizzes

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Here is a compilation of some good web tools to help you create and administrate digital quizzes:

1- Yacapaca
Yacapaca is a great web tool for educators. It allows teachers to have access to a plethora of already made quizes. They can also make their own using the provided tools there.

2- Hot Potatoes
Hot Potatoes is another awesome tool that allows teachers to create interactive quizzes. This one here requires a download.

3- Web Quest
It is basically a Web-based software for creating WebQuests in a short time without the need for any HTML Coding. I have been going around its main features and was enthralled by the great wealth of educational materials it has.

4- Quiz Me Online
This is basically a social network for students where they can create and take pre-made quizzes. It is really a great learning tool for students for they can also be able to take notes, create their own flashcards and join study groups.

5- Learn Click
Learn Click allows users to quickly create simple and online quizzes.The format of these quizzes is mainly fill-in the blanks.

6- Seterra
This is a  website that provides a wide range of  geography quizzes. These quizzes can be downloaded and they cover  everything from  country identification to identifying physical geographic features like mountains, seas, and rivers.

7-  Google Forms
In your Google Docs account select Forms and start creating your quiz. The process is very simple and easy. You can choose between multiple choices questions and other forms. When you are done you can then download and share it.

 This a great tool for teachers. It helps them grade quizzes that they administer through Google Docs. It is also very easy to use and provides step by step directions for using the script.

9- Snacktools
 This website offers several services to web users and among the things it has is Quiz Snack. This latter allows users to create free quizzes and polls and post them on their blogs or wikis.

10- Road to Grammar
Road to Grammar has several educational resources such as games, quizzes and lessons for English language learners. There is feedback for each quiz here to show the learner whether the answer is correct or not.

11- Testmoz
This a tool that allows users to create and administer multiple choice tests online. It also lets administrators see who has taken the test and how many questions they answered correctly.

12- Zoho Challenge
 This is another tool that you can use to create and administer tests.. You can include either multiple choice or open-ended questions or a both of them.

13- ProProf Quiz Maker
 Using this tool teachers will be able to control which users can access a test and also be able to place a limit on how many times a test can be taken. Quiz takers can get feedback on their performance too.

14- That Quiz
This is one of the oldest tools online. It is very known and many educators use it worldwide. That Quiz allows users to write and find quizzes that students can take. You can also share your quizzes with other teachers and check theirs. This is really a great website.

15- Quiz Tree
This website provides a plethora of games and activities that you can use as quizzes with your students. Most of these materials are web based and some are even available for download.

16- Fling the Teacher
This is a website that offers more than history quiz games. Each quiz has an average of 40 to 50 questions. Users need to create their own custom game character before they start using it.