Facebook Groups for Schools Simplified

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Groups for Schools is a service that enables students to connect  with each other and share data provided they have an edu email from the college or university whose group they want to be part of.

Here are some key features of Groups for Schools :
  • Groups are only limited to users with the appropriate email address
  • Groups will serve the same basic features a normal Facebook group serve such as :  activity stream, announcements, photo galleries, events and many more
  • Easy file sharing : users will be able to share notes, projects, schedules, assignments and anything else.
  • Only students and college members with a school email address can join Groups for Schools
  • It has a search functionality for students to look for their college or university group
  • The creators of the group if the admin by they can add or remove admins as they want
  • The maximum file size allowed for in each group is  25MB
Groups within a given school community has 3 privacy options:

      1- Open : this is visible to everyone. Members can see and post updates, photos, files and events shared in the group
      2- Closed : Anyone can see who is in  this group but only members can post updates, files, photos, etc
     3- Secret : This is very limited and only members of the group can see and post to it.

To learn more about Groups for School read  this great article from Tech Crunch